The biggest day of your life... 

requires an unforgettable soundtrack to match. We make sure your memories are as extraordinary as the day itself. 
Providing quality wedding entertainment for all your needs 
Planning an amazing occasion can be tricky. Most times, your attention is torn between several tasks and activities. And even more daunting is the task of securing professional entertainment for your once-in-a-life-time event. 
We understand that you’d love your special day to be filled with fun and everlasting memories, that is why we offer high-end professional entertainment for your wedding and all your bespoke corporate and private events which will leave lasting impressions in the hearts and minds of your guests forever. 

Providing Quality Wedding Entertainment for all Your Needs 

We provide awe-inspiring and electrifying performances to keep you and your guests in high spirits throughout your occasion. 
Whether you’re looking for a DJ to provide high-energy soundtrack for your wedding, a funky wedding jazz pianist or a saxophonist that can reach the deepest parts of your hearts with cool serenading harmony – then you can rest assured, you’re in the right place. 
We pride in our ability to provide nothing short of excellent performance and high service delivery – often above the expectations of our clients. This and more ha enabled us stand out from the competition. 
We offer a collection of effortlessly stylish and exciting services perfect for high-end weddings, music as well as corporate events. 


Whether you’re looking for the coolest, most talented and refined DJs to bring about the perfect atmosphere for all your high-end events, parties, weddings, corporate events, book launches and much more, with electrifying and heart-lifting soundtracks covering all genres and categories of music, then you would really love our sophisticated, stylish and innovative approach which will provide a level of engagement that your guests have never witnessed before. 
At Integrity Entertainment, we offer full customizable and personalized services guaranteed to give you and your guests a party to remember. 
Our DJs are some of the very best in the industry, working with a team of easy going and extremely skilful professionals with the best instruments and equipment at their disposal, we provide top-notch and professional services you can trust. 
As one of the leading suppliers of DJs for most corporate events in the UK, consistently performing in some of the finest events, we have continually distinguished ourselves from the competition by our ability to offer our numerous clients a one-of-a-kind experience for their events and value for their money. 
Quality entertainment is what makes the difference, why don’t you get in touch with one of our in-house professionals to get your free quote! 


Looking to hire the services of an incredibly talented wedding pianist to set the mood for your party? Would you rather have an atmosphere of classic love songs and romantic love ballads serenading in the background while you get into all the nitty-gritties of your special day? You can confidently bring your search to an end. 
We offer specialized music sessions for your special day, with a plethora of categories for you to choose from. 
We can custom-tailor our live piano sessions to match your style and desires for your special bridal entrance, signing of marriage register as well as exit of bride and groom. You may also choose to include any additional instrumentals, ranging from hymnals, jazz pieces, other popular songs and the likes – it’s your special day, and it’s a big deal. We just want to make sure you cherish every bit of the moment. 
We have a variety of individually priced services so you can determine which suits you best. Personalized CD of the ceremony could also be obtained on request. 
So when it’s time for that next big event, weddings, high-end parties, corporate functions and more, remember there’s only one place that’s got you covered. 


Music feeds the soul in a way that can only be described as astonishing. And there is almost certainly nothing next to the smooth and jazzy sound of the saxophone on a much cherished evening gathering. 
So maybe it’s time to take your special date for your first dance, or you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, reception, or maybe you’re throwing a house warming party and you seek to make it as colourful as possible, all you need to do is get in touch. 
After many years of playing for high-end events, parties and occasions, we have what it takes to regale your wedding guests in ways that have never been imagined before making them never want to leave the dance floor. 
Our services are affordable, reliable and tailored to the context of event under consideration. 
Contact us to book your reservations today! 


Looking to thrill your guests with classical music stemming from the distinguished sharpness of the violin sound? The violin has always been associated with great traditions and makes for a perfect way to thrill your guests at your wedding ceremonies, parties and corporate events. 
Integrity Entertainment provides beautiful and unique violin sounds for refined social events, corporate occasions as well as private parties. 
We offer special bespoke classical packages that are perfect for bridal entrances, signing of marriage register, exit of bride and groom as well as other corporate and private events. 

Up-tempo party/ Wedding band 

Complement your event by adding glamour and style with our energetic and funky party band, playing anything from soul, R&B as well as contemporary and modern hits. 
Party like an all-star, with electrifying and exciting performances featuring a mix of outstanding male and female vocalists who are ready to raise the roof off of your event and take your audience off the floor and lead them through a roller-coaster of boogying and jigging. 
Whether you’re looking to recreate the refreshing soul sounds of the 60s and 70s, or you want to relive the electrifying atmosphere of the 80s with modern infusions, our outstanding, suave and super-slick up-tempo party/ wedding band can get you even more jiving than you had asked for. 
For a friendly chat about booking your live music, feel free to contact us. 

Acoustic Guitarist 

Ever thought of having an acoustic artistic at your event to deliver a mash-up of modern jazz and classic popular hits in a truly unique and captivating way? 
Over the years, Integrity Entertainment has engaged in providing excellent and professional services, adding layers of sophistication to events with accomplished performances at any given time. 
If you seek a professional acoustic guitarist who can seamlessly provide perfect and beautifully executed soundtracks to your party, wedding events and corporate shows, then there’s no place else you’d rather be. 
We offer personalized and top-notch services which blends beautifully with your environment in an exceptionally brilliant way to add class and style to your events. 

Wedding Magician 

A wedding magician is one of the best ways to keep your guests engaged, enthralled and energised throughout your entire ceremony. If you would like to make your show into an awe inspiring spectacle, featuring magical moments that inspire feelings of wonder - one that will remain on the lips of your guests even after a long time, then service is just perfect for you. 
Our crop of magicians can perform at any time during your big celebration. This may be during the wedding reception or alongside a meal, churning out very special, one-of-a-kind tricks with seamless dexterity that will leave your guests more than enthralled. 
Details available on demand. Get in touch so we can develop a personalized service explicitly tailored to meet all your goals. 

Stringed duo/trio/quartets 



Wedding Singers 


Magicians for weddings 

Wedding booths 

Tribute Artists 

Hi Andy you star. Where did you get that band from? They were amazing and kept the crowd on the dance floor all night long. Even my best man who can’t dance was dancing all night, although he was tipsy at the end. Your service and friendly attitude was top class from start to finish Andy. Will definitely recommend you in the future, I promise. 
Andrew and Sash 


Except with one important factor, it had to be honest, no misconceptions, no hidden fees and certainly no amateurs! Just pure, simple, straight up and above all professional. Plus when it comes to our commission, variable mark-up and ‘how much we can get away with’ is a no, no. Instead, we use a variable rate that covers our costs and ensures the best possible service to our customers. We even endeavour to negotiate the price down on behalf of the clients to remain competitive and affordable. 
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